Our Story

In 1988 Hope Mountain Nurseries was born out of a passion for growing plants and a deep desire to raise our children while working from home. We felt a bit like true pioneers in those early days starting out at the foot of Hope Mountain with a piece of land, a small cabin, an outhouse… [Read More...]

Locally Grown

Does locally grown really make any difference? You bet it does! Day length, temperature, climate, and other seasonal changes all play a role in a plants growth. Because the plants we grow are already accustomed to our Southern Oregon area they are given a generous head start over plants grown … [Read More...]

Heirloom Varieties

We are proud to say that we never have & never will use any GMO (genetically modified) seeds. In fact, we offer a great selection of heirloom variety vegetables, herbs and flowers. Also known sometimes as Heritage Seeds, they are generally 50 years old and many are 100 years or older. Some… [Read More...]

Pollinator Friendly Varieties

On our farm we currently have six honey bee hives and have become fascinated with these amazing creatures and the vital role they play in our food production. About one-third of the human diet comes from insect-pollinated plants and the honeybee is responsible for 80% of that pollination! When we… [Read More...]